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Collection, As of Now :3
This is everything that I have collected this past month or so, minus a few plushies here and there that I bought just because (:

I used to have the old, old pokemon toys as a kid that have unfortunately ended up being given away and such over the years (I'm sure many of you can relate). Now, because of the nostalgia, I've become obsessed with first generation plushies :3 No, seriously. My boyfriend/friends think I'm crazy.

Everything that has arrived thus far, minus the 'Vees (:

The 'vees

Everything I have from the Eevee line. (As you can see there's some favoritism :P)

Aaaaaand here's my hilarious attempt to shove everything I have into one corner of my room.. xP Notice that the Psyduck pillow disappeared completely underneath plushies ^^ Believe it or not there's a Meowth in there that got lost in both pictures.

Lastly, my little car buddy (:

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haha (: We're car-buddies buddies!

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