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Dittochu / Rainbow Collection Update and Other Gets/Wants (:
I was lucky enough to receive a grail get today thanks to the lovely em_lemon! I also received some awesome items through a trade with pokabubu (: Both were super easy to work with and very kind. Pokabubu added in an adorable Flareon Pokedoll as a freebie, and Nameless included an adorable mini Pikachu :D I strongly recommend buying/trading with either of them! They certainly made my day :3

On to the gets!

I love,love,love the 1:1 Dittochu! He's my current favorite :3

I had most of the lottery plush collection but I finally got Charmander so I figured I would include all of them together (:

As you can see, I'm missing quite a few of those boxed Pikas from the Rainbow Series set :( Fortunately, two more from the set are currently on their way! I'm missing: the laying Pikachu, large laying Pikachu plush, and the surfing Pikachu. If you have any of these and you're willing to let them go, feel free to contact me! :3 As for Dittochu wants, I still need the Bandai figure and the Tomy figure D:

Here's a closer view of the Pika that Nameless was kind enough to give me and the new Dittochu keychain I received from Japan :D


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